3 Downtown Indianapolis Activities for a Couples Retreat

The kids are adults, and now it’s just you, your spouse, and the dog. The scenario is good in theory. But then you realize that you two have grown apart. It seems like you and your spouse no longer have anything in common. There is built-up resentment and lack of connection between the two of you. Is this the end of your relationship? Of course not! How do you spell reconnect? Indianapolis, Indiana.

Drop everything and book a stay in Indianapolis for an impromptu, self-imposed couples retreat.  Let the wonderful places, events, and activities in Indianapolis rekindle your union.

  • Start your retreat with an outdoor concert and a romantic walk to get the feeling you had when you first met.
  • Reestablish your trust and improve your communication while enjoying a jungle adventure.
  • End the weekend with bliss by falling in love all over again.

Court Like Two Young Lovers

Bring back the feeling you felt when you were young and in love. First, relax in your room for an hour or so. Then, freshen up and put on some nice casual clothes and comfortable shoes. Your self-imposed couples retreat has officially started.

Begin with a stroll along the Indianapolis Canal Walk. There are plenty of activities that will bring back the romance in your relationship. Take a romantic gondola ride and reminisce about the time you first said, “I love you.” Encapsulate the moment in your heart with music and the beautiful evening view of the canal. Your couples retreat is officially off to a good start.

Learn to Trust Each Other Again in Indianapolis

Build the trust back with a visit to Go Ape, which is located in Eagles Park. You can swing through the trees like you are Tarzan and Jane. Go Ape also offers team-building activities perfect for your impromptu couples retreat. Spend a fun afternoon in the jungle and re-establish the trust, friendship, and communication in your relationship with fun games and challenges like:

  • Partner Tag
  • River Crossing
  • Blind Trust Walk

Fall in Love All Over Again in Indianapolis

Nothing will amplify your rediscovered love like nature and art. The Indianapolis Museum of Art (AMA) brings you both. There are plenty of activities for you to enjoy here. Don’t worry about getting bored or restless. You can shop, eat, view exhibits, take a class, and much more. The museum’s LOVE sculpture will remind you of the day you fell in love. It is near many hotel accommodations so you can stroll to the AMA and back while holding hands.

An couples retreat for empty nesters is just what you and your spouse need to remind you where you first started. Indianapolis, Indiana has many attractions that will rekindle your love. So start planning your stay now and make it an annual love event. Indianapolis is waiting to help you fall in love all over again!