4 Family-Friendly Seattle Suburbs


Seattle is a fantastic place to raise a family or go on vacation. All of the outdoor activities, great schools, local recreation, and unique culture create a fun and healthy place to live or play. Seattle is a big city with a small-town attitude, meaning it’s huge but not pompous. The many booming suburbs around Seattle are also great places to visit and only add to Seattle’s overall charm. These are four family-friendly Seattle Suburbs that are gaining popularity quickly.


Bellevue is surrounded by plenty of natural beauty and outdoor activities. The city has some incredible options for shopping, dining, and cultural experiences, all situated conveniently near a host of great hotels. Lively, modern, and progressive, Bellevue is considered the gateway to the whole Puget Sound region. It’s not too far from Seattle’s culture and history and also relatively close to Kirkland’s waterfront parks and galleries.


Kirkland, one of Seattle’s more popular suburbs, is located on the shores of beautiful Lake Washington. It is located just north of Bellevue and is known for its stunning waterfront parks, breathtaking views, delightful art galleries, and charming shops. No other city in the Puget Sound area has as many waterfront parks and wonderful beaches as Kirkland. It is also home to a number of award-winning hotels, wineries, and restaurants.


Renton is a picturesque large city located on the south shore of Lake Washington. It obviously has spectacular views of the lake, as well as the regal Olympic Mountains and Mount Rainier, which is part of the Cascade Mountain Range. Renton is the fifth biggest city in King County. The Cedar River meanders through downtown Renton and provides an abundance of recreational activities. From kayaking to fishing, the Cedar River is a great place for families to enjoy.

There are many fun things to do in Renton, including amazing restaurants, and wonderful parks. Renton’s claim to fame is that it has the highest number of restaurants per capita of all the major cities in Washington State, so there are always plenty of great places to eat.


Sammamish is a beautiful suburb in King County, approximately an hour from Seattle. With a population of only about 65,000, neighbors tend to know each other and get involved in the community. Beautiful Lake Sammamish is the favorite hangout of kids of all ages and a great pace to swim or kayak on a hot summer day. The schools in Sammamish get high marks for great teachers and smaller classes. It also has some nice little day hikes and charming downtown area.

There are so many great suburbs around Seattle that it’s difficult to choose the best. From the shores of Lake Washington to the shores of Lake Union and everything in between, Seattle is a nature lover’s dream. Families from around the world have flocked to the Puget Sound region to call these lovely places home, and it’s created a wonderfully diverse and lively culture. If you find yourself visiting Seattle, try to take some time to get out of the city and discover for yourself what Seattle’s suburbs have to offer.