Photo Essay: Christmas in London

This time last year I was admiring the Christmas decorations Down Under and saying goodbye to my home in Sydney. I had never experienced a hot December, but I hope it won’t be my last. Last month, however, I was in chilly London for World Travel Market and the city had already caught the Christmas spirit.

Walking through Covent Garden on one of our final nights in town, it seemed like we had stepped onto the set of Love Actually. I wish that were the case. Sammi and I found a strings quartet playing in the middle of a restaurant. It put me in the mood for a nice hot chocolate or one of the famous Sunday roasts we enjoyed during our stay.

Compare available London hotels around the holidays before you go. Staying near Covent Garden is your best bet as it had the best decorations, but don’t forget to stop by Harrod’s to see it all lit up.

This year brought me much for than I ever could have asked for and I can only hope to be as fortunate in 2013 as I was in 2012. Thank you all for following along on my harebrained adventures and wishing you all a happy holiday season.