Quick Tips To Make Your Thailand Vacation Easy and Enjoyable

An adventurer like you would probably be including a country with richness in culture since ancient times, protected by it’s people and nation, Thailand remains to be unconquered by foreign invaders. The land offers more than the scenic spots to adore but rebuilding spiritual wholeness and finding your inner tranquility can be rewarding and fruitful. The chances of having an experience of a lifetime can be as easy as citing numbers 1-10 through our compilated tips that you’d want to bookmark, print or save for your fun, easy and enjoyable trip in the country. You might want to check out Thailand’s mansions and see the difference of staying in for a luxurious treat for a once in a lifetime get-away that you won’t forget. Thailand is an affordable country to live in, you might even be surprised that it costs even less than what you expect, what you usually spend in your monthly budget is already a luxury in Thailand. Planning your vacation is always a must. Keep a handy list of the important things to bring and book  your flights and place to stay early to start the easy list.

1. Download helpful apps for your convenience

A useful google map and taxi booking app are extremely a must when you travel, it is recommended that you try to Grab Taxi app for a wide variety of ride options you can choose from. Learn Thai app is a good to go useful buddy to help you say the phrases through your phone’s speaker, but don’t neglect Google translate as it is a standard translator proven useful worldwide. XE currency app can help you check the exchange rate of Baht to American Dollars.  Thailand -Travel Guide & offline Map by tripwolf for ios devices is a great app which contains everything that you’d need to see the hotspots in the country. Maps.Me is available for both android and IOS with an offline function for a guaranteed life-saver map to help you in navigation.

2. Easy communication by using local SIM cards

The sim cards can be purchased at the airports, you can see the booths for Thailand’s mobile carriers TRUE, AIS, DTAC. Everyone at Thailand is within reach with these local sim cards, they are guaranteed affordable for you to purchase and get a quick comfortable conversation from anywhere in Thailand.

3. Have your money exchanged at the Airport

The airport is the most recommended place to exchange as it has the lowest exchange rate compared to the city’s so it’s wiser to get exchanges immediately when you arrive, You can try the ATM machines for withdrawal, however they would have a withdrawal limit of 25,000 Baht maximum. 7-11 Stores are perfect to break large bills.

4. Best to know your transportations options

Trains, rapid transits, Buses, minibuses, taxis, tuk-tuk or Auto rickshaw, vanpool, and songthaew are available in Thailand, Have fun getting around the city and dive for a unique ride through Thailand’s common form of transportation in three wheels known as tuk-tuk. Don’t worry the rides do not tilt so you’re safe, these rides are considered as baby taxis and best for rides through crowded or narrow streets.

5. Dress code for visiting temples are important

Even though Thailand is a known tourist country, we all have to adhere to their policies in order to get us out of trouble. When on a tour, be dressed covering shoulders and knees. This is a strict policy in each temple, but be sure to pack in lightweight weather, Sarong,  is a lightweight fabric often wrapped around the waist worn during religious or casual occasions.

6. Stay out of Politics

When visiting Thailand, people would often get to the conversation on politics especially on the latest mourn of King Bhumipol, be wary and never talk to disrespect of their King as these could result in severe punishment. It would be best to avoid politics in your topics in general. However, if by any chance you attend events and the king’s anthem is played, always stand in attention especially on daily broadcasts.

7. Get Fat with the most affordable and delish foods around the city

Yes, food is incredibly cheap in Thailand, that your usual breakfast or dinner meals can be equal to those as a  banquet in the country, you don’t even need to do grocery shopping as they offer the lowest rates,  so for an enjoyable trip, a quick tip is to try out local dishes, if you’re travelling with your children try, Pad See Ew or Pad Thai for an initial taste bud exploration, the dish is not spicy unlike other Thailand dishes.

8. Pamper in for a relaxing Thai Massage

The Legend Chiang Rai Resort has an infinity pool and spa and wellness center, equipped with Wi-fi for your treat. Never miss this chance to savor all the goodness of living in a tropical country without a massage!

9. Know proper behavior

Quick tip:

Pointing, touching someone’s head or raising feet to other people is considered offensive and must never be done at all costs. Smile to other people and make new friends in Thailand.

10. Stay hydrated throughout the trip

Thailand’s climate might become a surprise for you, try visiting 7-11 stores to help cool down. Fresh coconuts are a good drink to keep hydrated and keep bottle of water with you at all times, especially if you’re travelling with your kids and they might become a cranky on your way. You can always stay in convenience stores or even Starbucks for refreshment.