Riding Emirates Air Line London

o, I’m not talking about the airline, but the air (space) line, London’s newest Docklands attraction. On the last day of World Travel Market back in November, I snuck my sister Sammi into the convention to see what all the fuss was about. Once our day was over, we took the Emirates Air Line on our way back to our Wimdu apartment. I had seen it operating every day on my two train rides to the EXCEL Centre and thought it looked like a nice way to get to work.

It runs from the Royal Docks to Greenwich right next to the modern O2 Centre. I used my handy Oyster card to swipe a ride on the cable car. Sammi and I had a car to ourselves so we weren’t embarrassed to scream like little girls, as you will hear on the video below. Within a few minutes, we had landed at our destination.

The Emirates Air Line is well worth a visit to the Docklands, London’s Olympic corridor, especially if you’re not willing to shell out the £40 for the London Eye. It provides equally impressive views of London and sets you close to Greenwich and Canning Town.