What I’m Packing for London

Packing Light is becoming more and more essential for my lifestyle. So when putting together my packing list for my week in England, I had to be very thoughtful. I knew I’d be hopping on trains, so it was important to be mobile. I recently got a nice carry-on suitcase for my birthday (more on that soon!) but knew a backpack would better suit this situation. Instead, I brought my Timbuk2 Aviator backpack and a new Samic briefcase my sister gave me for my birthday. It’s made of leather and canvas and fits just about everything!

Everything you see pictured above, I fit into my bag. This includes reading materials, specifically my jam packed Kindle, a hardcover copy of The Girl on the Train and back issues of The Atlantic. For myself and my nervous flier sister, I also packed a coloring book and colored pencils. Also included is my Beats headphones, GoPro, wallet, eye mask, playing cards, Vapur water bottle, spork, snacks and assorted meds, including Rescue Remedy, melatonin and Tiger Balm. I’ve also thrown in assorted cords.

I was able to fit a fair amount of clothing into my backpack, which doesn’t have much wiggle room, by using packing cubes. Here’s what I packed for 8 days in England.